RAYS OF HOPE                                                             NEW WAY MISSIONS                       November 2007



As July began, I was recovering from surgery.  All went well.  Thank you for your prayers.

July 19-22, I spent a few days in Smith Station, AL at the New Hope Revival Center campmeeting.   It was a time of refreshing and encouragement, and gave me strength to continue in the work of the Lord.  Sometimes you just need to pull up somewhere and get your tank refilled.  Amen.


In August and Sept. many hours were spent in preparation for our MX trip .



Here we are getting ready to leave on 9/20.    Below:  There was just enough room to stuff Nancy in and for Linda behind the wheel.













Thanks to your generous giving, we took ministry supplies to 5 other ministries for distribution, plus what we needed for our ministry during this trip.







At the plaza out-reach in San Miguel Allende, MX, Nancy and Linda offered free blood pressures, while Lourdes (in yellow - below), Kachu (left - in green) and Janice (left - in blue) gave out tracts, presented the gospel of Jesus Christ directly to individuals and in small groups, and translated as  needed.   Many received Christ Jesus as their Savior.









To the left:  Kachu praying with some ladies.






Below:  Janice explains that by faith anyone can receive Jesus Christ as their Savior.







Pastor Jack was helping and taking all these pictures.








Right:  Lourdes sharing the gospel.











Pastor Jack took us to visit some families in an area where they have established a home Bible study group.  Here are pictures from our visit with 2 of these families.   We also attending the Bible study group.   On the left is Viviana, Ciro, and their daughter, Abigail, who through the help of Mission Mexico now have a 1 room home and bathroom.


On the right above is Jose and his daughter.  The rest of the family is not home.  They now have a 1 room brick home, which is an improvement from the shed where they were living in April.  Work continues to their house and hopefully a bathroom will be done before long.






To the right is John Cote.  John went to San Miguel Allende this year to work with Pastor Jack in supervising the construction of homes and the radio station.









When we left San Miguel on Friday morning, we stopped in San Luis de La Paz to visit with Pastor Alberto and his wife, Juanita.  We had planned an out-reach, but it was rainy and our plans had to change.  We delivered to them some supplies and then went over to see the progress on their home/church on the reservation.    Below you will see that the foundation is done.











Below is Pastor Jack Driscoll and Pastor Alberto Reys.  There are many opportunities for those who have a heart to help these 2 pastors in San Miguel Allende and San Luis de La Paz.   If you are in the USA and are interested in laboring together in the kingdom of God, please let me know.  Refer to our contact page on this web site.




Remember, all donations to New Way Missions are tax deductible.  Mail to: 1501 Loretta Ct., Brandon, FL  33511

May God bless you and make you a blessing.

In Christ Jesus,