“Merry Christmas” - Listen to the angels singing, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace and good will to

all men.











Some of you my be experiencing some real scenes of snowmen.

With Christmas preparations everyone is busy, so I’ll keep this update short.


Upon returning from Peru, I experienced severe fatigue, which caused a drastic decrease in my activities.  For a month, about all I could do was to rest.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for me.

After seeing 3 different doctors and much blood work, we still have no answers, but praise to our Heavenly Father, I am much improved.


In October, I was able to help with the Global Impact Celebration (a large mission conference) at our church.   We had about 35 missionaries from all over the world visiting.  We had lots of activities to bless them and to thank them for their love and service to the Lord Jesus Christ and to peoples of the world.







My first stop was to Manos Extendidas (Hands Extended).

We were able to take approx. 50 kids Christmas gifts, 6 (tall kitchen trash bags) of clothes, shoes, and household items, and a child’s car seat for distribution by Debbie and Ole Olsen, who  minister to the poor in the Pharr – McAllen, TX area.   Above is a present picture of the ministry building which is now enclosed and in Oct. Iglesia Gracia Abundante was started in the upstairs.  Praise be to God!!!  The building still does not have electricity nor are the bathrooms done.  We can still help with this.

Partners, through your support of NWM, you are a part in this ministry.









On the right met Pastor Joel Gallegos (on right) of Iglesia Gracia Abundante.  He is visiting with this young man while his wife is helping Debbie minister to the needs of those who have come on this Wed. morning.






Each Wed. the door of Manos Extendidas is open for those in need to come.  The rest of the week is spent with collecting, sorting,  home visits, and furniture distribution.

The Olsen’s gladly give out whatever comes in.

Here Debbie is busy helping those who have come for help.














Below is Buen Pastor Iglesia.  They have been able to put part of the roof on, but still need help to complete it.  This

church is in a poor neighborhood where poverty,  drugs and crime have a stronghold.  They could use our help through hands for building, materials, and finances. 





The gospel of the good news of Jesus Christ is being preached by Pastor Basilio and we know that Jesus will forgive our sin and set us free from the bondage of sin. 


Pastor Basilio is singing a song of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord.   Oh how I wish you could be there and see how much these people love the Lord Jesus, even tho, they have little.












Casa MAMi - MX Update:


Construction of the second floor of Casa MAMi is progressing.   NWM has been involved in this orphanage since its beginning.  At present, there a 40+ girls being cared for in this home.  Partners, on this trip we provided a large box of shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and famine napkins plus 2 bags of girl’s clothing, and some new clothes for Christmas presents. 



Below some of the girls are on their way to after school activities.



Here the men are working on the enter courtyard.  This area will remain an open courtyard even after all the construction is done.  The kitchen and dining area are behind the courtyard.  The bedrooms and office area are to the right.   This is looking straight ahead when you enter the street gate.














This view is from the courtyard looking back toward the street.  This and the courtyard is the first thing you see when walking in.  It is covered so the children can play here, rain or shine.