July - Peru Report


July 14-22, Mary Materniak, a sister in Christ from NJ, and I traveled to Peru on a ministry trip.  Neither of us had been there before nor did we personally know anyone, so it was a leap of faith.

After an all night journey to Iquitos, the first thing on our list was to get to the hotel and get some rest.  In the afternoon, we were taken for a walk around the center of town.  Here we are in the plaza just up from the hotel.  Left to right:  Pastor Belisario Chavez of the Assembly of God Church in Belen, Anibal, Mary, and Pastor Atilo Alva Macedo of Iglesia Evangelica Misionera La Fe.   The little boys in the front are Isaac and Pepe, Anibal's sons.   During the week Mary and I ministered at both of these churches.  The saints were encouraged and received the word of God with great joy.






Let me introduce my email friend, Anibal Peralta Guevara (in the orange) who was set-up person in Peru.  He did a wonderful job in making this trip successful.

The other gentleman here is Richardo del Castillo who was one of our translators.  Richardo works as a jungle tour guide and we were blessed to have him all week.  He was not only our translator, but made our trip so much more enjoyable with all the information about all the areas we visited.

You will see them in other pictures in this update.


We held a 2 day Womenís Conference and ministered at  5 other churches during the week.

Around 200 ladies and approx. 25 men attended our 2 day interdenominational Womenís Conference at the Presbyterian Church in Iquitos, Peru.



Anibal begins our Sunday morning service at Villa Selva Iglesia (Jungle Village Church) by leading the assembly in praise and worship.  Pastor Julian Holanda on right.   Sofrita (in red) was Mary's translator.





 Below: Mary and Linda ministering to those who came up for prayer.  This particular lady was having health problems and wanted prayer for healing.










Right:  Linda working as pharmacy tech at the medical out-reach at Villa Selva Iglesia  after the service on Sunday morning.   As people came to the clinic, Mary was presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ and many accepted the invitation to receive Christ.




The children were excited and very attentive as a clown came to lead them in activities to teach and encourage them in the Lord.








One day we traveled up the Amazon River to what we thought would be a church service in Tamishacu, but due to miss communication regarding the time, we ended up ministering to 2 young men who were just returning from camping and hiking in the jungle for a week or so.  It is just amazing how God will put you in just the right place at the right time to minister the word of God to someone who is seeking to know the truth.



Another day, we traveled about 2 hours by bus to Nauta.  The hospitality of the saints was abundant.  Breakfast was awaiting our group.   We then ministered the word of God to the assembled believers.  This picture of Mary, Pastor Juan Bazalar Huayta, his wife, and our translator, Elias was taken after the service as Mary presented the Pastor with a new Bible. 






One night we visited a church in the San Juan area of Iquitos, Pastor Garro.  This church has an awesome youth group that ministered in song and dance.  Mary then gave forth the word of God.   





On our last day, we invited all the pastors, their wives, the translators, and their wives to a Celebration Luncheon.  Here you can see at the far end of the table Pastor Atilio, then Richardo, his wife, Antonia and Pastor Guillermo Flores (in blue).  Pastor Flores is pastor of the Presbyterian Church where we held the Women's Conference. 





There are so many more pictures that I would love to share, but I know that this is getting quite long.  

There are many opportunities for ministry in Iquitos, so if God has put the peoples of Peru in your heart then please contact New Way Missions and let's work together to accomplish the work God has for us to do. 

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