Rays of Hope


April was busy as I finalized the sorting and packing for MX.    On the 24th I left for MX.  This was very busy trip.    We (6 of us) started out by going to a crusade in Tampico.  There were large crowds for all 3 nights of services (10,000 plus people attended).  

To the left:  The people are gathering for the service.  The clouds passed and the night was beautiful.  Evangelist Cash Luna from Guatemala was the speaker for these services.



Lourdes Kalil, my friend and translator, and I left on Sunday morning and headed for San Miguel Allende.   We would have to drive through the mountains, but we did not know it would be all day.  For a break, we stopped by Tamasopo to see the water falls.  As it turned out, it was a campground with water falls that formed pools for swimming.  Tents were set up and people were having great fun in the water.


Around 10:00 p.m., we had made it to San Luis Potosi where we spent the night.   Monday morning we finished the drive to San Miguel Allende.   We met with Pastor Jack Driscoll of Mission Mexico to see and discuss the ministry he and his family are doing in SMA.  First, we toured the area where they are constructing a building, which will house a radio station, Bible institute, and more.  We prayed over some adjacent land for a future church building.  Then we went house to house visiting in an area where they are working.   As of yet, this area has no water or electric supply.  At one stop, we visited Adela and her family who are pictured below.   Adela, her husband, and 4 children live in a one room shed type structure.   Mission Mexico has started construction on what we would call a room, but will be much more to them.

Afterwards, we drove about an hour to San Luis de La Paz and met with Pastor Alberto and  Juanita Reyes.  Pastor Jack has been working with him among the Chichimeca Indians.  Pastor Alberto has been able to get some land on the reservation and plans to build a church with rooms in the back for them to  live.   You can look up the Chichimeca Indians on the internet and learn a little about their history.

Here we are with a Chichimeca family. 

There are many opportunities for New Way Missions to help Pastor Jack and Pastor Alberto.  San Miguel Allende and San Luis de La Paz are both good areas to reach the lost for Christ Jesus, to encourage the saints, and to help the poor.  Let me know if God puts these people on your heart and I will be happy to help you plan and prepare for ministry in these areas.

After our return to the Reynosa area, Lourdes and I took one day to visit Pastor Felipe Gamez and his family in Gonzalez Villarreal.    You might remember that when I first met Pastor Felipe, he lived in San German and was planning his wedding.   Pastor Felipeís father was ill, so we did not get to see him, but we were able to visit with his family.  We were able to give them some clothes for distribution to those in need, some tracts, and some toys for their kids.   Below is Lourdes with his wife, Ana Maria, Abigail, and the newest member of the family, Juan.

Before leaving for home, I delivered the supplies which I had taken for Manos Extendidas and some things to Casa MAMi orphanage.  I got a tour of the 2nd floor of the orphanage, but did not get to visit with Elma because she was in Houston visiting her daughter and family.  To the right are some of the children who were at Casa MAMi when I visited.   Most of the girls were in school.



After returning from MX on 5/8, I stayed busy with catch-up.  You know how that is. The last week of May, we traveled to VA to visit family.  I went to my grandsonís graduation and Mack went fishing.

On June 19th, I had surgery.  Iím now recovering at a speed that seems slow, but the doctor thinks itís fine.   Praise God, that by the stripes on Jesus back, I am healed and so are you.  Hallelujah!!!

 Prayer Corner

  1. That more people will link their Food Lion MVP card to NWM.  www.FoodLion.com
  2. For senderís.  We need more prayer and financial partners. 
  3. Ministry trip back to San Miguel Allende, MX (Sept. 20 Ė Oct. 3).
  4. Safe travel and refreshing as I attend campmeeting at New Hope Revival Center in AL for a few days..  (July 18-22)
  5. A team for Iquitos, Peru in July, 2008.


If you have some stuffed animals lying around your house that could be given to some needy child, please mail them to me.  We will be sending some things to the kids in Nicaragua again this year.  I know it is early to think about Christmas, but things like this take some time to arrive at their destination.


May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.  Amen.

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