Returning to the Dominican Republic

Linda -cropped photo What a joy to have the privilege to once again return to the Dominican Republic. I had thought that I would be there for Feb. and Mar., but things were not coming together for this to happen. Then about a week and a half ago the final details all came together. I quickly purchased my flight and tomorrow morning, Lord willing, I will be on my way.
Plans are to fly to Santo Domingo where I will help Drs. Diane & Francisco Sabado for about 10 days, then I will take a bus to Sosua where I will help Lauren Ferguson wherever I’m needed for the next 10 days or so. After this, I will take the bus back to Santo Domingo and spend more time with the Sabado family.

Pray for Lauren and I as we have a number of very important issues to discuss.  We really need God’s will and wisdom.

In my Jan. post., I forgot to tell you that I became a great-grandmother in 2013.  Bryson was born in August and I got to see and hold him for the first time at our Christmas family get-together.  Bryson & Great-granny 12-21-13He is already 6 months old and getting so big and is a happy baby.  May he love and serve the Lord Jesus from an early age.  Amen!

I will try to post several times while on this trip.  Thanks for your prayers.  God bless you.

2013 Wrap Up

Linda-Mother's Day 2013 (3)Well, I’m finally getting around to letting you know what’s been happening since my return from the Dominican Republic in March.
I will try to give you some bullets and some pictures.

  • Of course, 2 months of mail was waiting for me and I had to get all the New Way Missions accounting caught up.


  • The last week of March, I met Lauren Ferguson (more about Lauren later) in AL at New Hope Revival Church for Sunday service, then I stayed for Passover and special meeting the following weekend. My wonderful friend, Elfrieda, invited me to stay with her for the week.
  • In June, I went to VA.  During this time I took my oldest sister to her grandson’s wedding, attended my 50th H.S. class reunion, visited a dear friend, Barbara, who has been with me to Mexico, celebrated my grandson, Thomas’ college graduation and Ryan’s high school graduation, and visited with my family.  I was able to attend one service at Faith Landmarks Ministries where I use to attend when living in Richmond.  A friend of mine from hight school returned with me to FL and stayed for 1 1/2 weeks.  What a joy it was to have that time with her.
  • July brought a change with New Way Missions.  For the first time, we have a volunteer on the mission field as a long-term missionary.Lauren 7-2013



Lauren Ferguson returned to the D.R. is now living and ministering in the Sosua, Dominican Republic area. The Lord has given her a ministry called “Talita Cum ” .  She will be ministering to young girls.  She started in one village and it soon became 3 villages and 5 classes.  She has also been teaching 2 ESL (English as a 2nd. language) classes and working along side of Mike Williams “Cups of Cold Water”.  We are excited about what the Lord is and will do through this ministry.

  • In August, I attended a conference at Abba’s House in Chattanoga.  It was a great time of refreshing for me.  Made some new friends and learned that the congregation there also minister in the Dominican Republic.
  • In September, I participated in the Worship Expo 2013 at my church. Also joined our choir and began practicing for our presentation of Experience Christmas 2013.  Also, I had the privilege to once again host Drs. Francisco and Diane Sabado, who are missionaries in the Dominican Republic.  Sabado'sThis time they had 2 of their sons, Isaac & Luke with them.  It is alway a joy to have them here.

This picture is a few years old, so the boys are a little older now. (I think 14 & 12.)


  • In October, I had the privilege of hosting Ron & Debbie Stafford, who are missionaries in Columbia.  They were part of our yearly Global Outreach Celebration here at Bell Shoals Baptist Church.Ron & Debbie Stafford

They are a wonderful couple and we bonded right away.  Ron told me Columbia is calling me.  We will have to see if the Lord calls us there in the future.

  • The first week of December, my friend for many years now, Past Mary Materniak, came down for a week.  She and I have ministered together in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Peru.  It was a joy and privilege to have her here.  I also made my Christmas journey to VA to be with my family.

In addition to the above activities, there were ongoing activities, such as keeping in touch with missionaries, keeping the NWM & my personal accounting going and all the regular stuff that we all have to do.

Through our partners we were able to help several ministries financially, ship some needed supplies to a couple of ministries and provide some food to those in needed help.   Thank you all so much!!!  May God reward you. Amen.

“Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”  I Thes. 5:18


Final Report: Jan. & Feb. 2013 Time in Sosua

Finally, I’m taking time to complete the updates from my Jan. & Feb. ministry trip to Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Meet the missionary family “The Sucher’s” that I have been helping.

Linda, Barb & Rick 3-4-13

First, is Rick & Barbara:  When there I am Rick’s sidekick, helping with errands, set-up for team, accounting issues, and other office work.  Of course, Barb and I get a little time together and work on women’s ministry type things.

Julia, Jessie, Linda, Janea 3-4-13


Julia, Jessie, and Janea (L to R) become my girls when I’m there.

We enjoyed a few family night movies during the course of my stay.

Mariflo & Linda 3-4-13


Then, of course, there is Mariflo.  We spent much time playing things that an almost 2 year old likes to do.  Each morning when I got to their house, we played, “Hi Linda”, “Hi Mariflo” about 6 times before we moved on to other things.  Of course, I loved it.   The Sucher’s have 2 grown sons, 1 in college in FL and the other is married with a little girl of his own and lives in San Pedro, D.R.

You might remember “Playa Laguna” from last year when we had 2 teams that added an addition, painted, and did some electrical work on the building.  It was intended that this building be a Community Center where there would be church meetings, Bible studies, community outreaches including medical clinics, as well as, other type classes, such as music, dance and English as a second language.  Here is how it looked when I left in March.  Remember the addition was on the back in a L shape.Playa Laguna C.C. 2013

Erica & Linda

Here I am with Erica the day before leaving.  Erica lives next door and her joy is to serve the Lord by taking care of the building and cooking when we have outreaches.  She cooks great rice pudding.

The ladies from my fellowship class at church “The Morning Glories” donated around 200 lady’s scarves, which were given out at 2 women’s meetings in Santo Domingo.  (The Morning Glories is our widows Bible study class.)   I took the bus from Sosua to Santo Domingo to my missionary friends, the Sabado family and enjoyed several days before returning to Sosua.

The first picture below is of Dr. Diane Sabado ministering at a women’s conference.   The other 2 pictures are from “His Banner Over Us 2012 Conference”.  I was told that the ladies loved the scarves.  Thank you, Morning Glories.

Diane ministered 2-2013Thank you for the scarves 2013His Banner over Us Conference 2013 2

The morning of March 6 was my last time in the office. Final day at the officeThis visit we worked on more organization.  I cleaned out part of the file cabinet and developed accounting forms for the Redemption Village School & Feeding Program.  Someone donated & shipped a desk computer that we were able to set-up.  Rick's desk          I tried to leave the office fairly straight and even got Rick to join in the effort.

Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks so much to each of you that helped make my support ministry possible.  May God reward you.  Amen.

OceanSide Christian Fellowship

Well, I’ve been back from the Dominican Republic for a few weeks now and have rested some and starting to get back into the flow of daily life.  As I have been attending church back here, I thought I would share some pictures from OceanSide Christian Fellowship that I attended while in the D.R.  You will see there is a big contrast.

First, meet Pastor Emory and Sister Vickie Goodman.  They have been in NC taking care of some loose end regarding the sale of their house and some things at the church here.  They are now back in the D.R. and ready to go ahead with the vision God has given them for the church.Pastor Emory & Vickie Goodman 2-8-13

Below are some pictures taken of the location of OceanSide Christian  Fellowship as you are walking the path leading up to church.   1) The pavilion you see at the top of the hill marks the spot. 2) Was the view I could see while sitting on the left side of the church just before service began.  3) The pavilion we used for pre-service prayer and fellowship after the service.  4) The pavilion used for the children’s ministry.   These pavilions are in a U-shape around the 2 pools.   Of course, this location requires that each Sunday some folks have to do set-up and then take-down after service.  God is blessing and growing this fellowship.

OSCF at top of hill


Additional 3-4-13 012 Additional 3-4-13 013 Additional 3-4-13 014

Of course, I have much to do at home, but sure miss all of my brothers and sisters in Christ in the D.R.

At the present, I am in Alabama visiting with my brothers and sisters in Christ at New Hope Revival Ministries. My friend and sister in Christ, Lauren Ferguson, met me here on Sunday for the 2 services before heading back home on Monday.
We will be having special services here Friday – Sunday with a guest speaker from Jerusalem.  I am looking forward to a time of refreshing.

If you think about me on Monday, please pray for my safe travel back home, which is a good 7 hour drive.

God bless you for your support and encouragement.   May God reward you.

Update from Sosua


Well, I have 2 more weeks here.  Part of me wants to stay and part of me is ready to return home.  This has been a different type of trip for me as the Sucher’s have not hosted any mission teams during my stay.  I pray that my time here has been a time of encouragement and help to all the missionaries here that I know and those I have just met, as well as, a time of spiritual growth for me.

For almost 2 weeks now, I have had a rental car, which has been a great joy for me as it has given me freedom to go and come as needed and has help us with some transportation issues.  I plan to have it for another week.  It would be great to have a vehicle for the total stay, but the cost is just more than I can afford.

One of my goals for this trip was to continue the work on the Sucher’s filing system and cleaning out the file cabinet at the office.  I have made progress, but there is a ways to go.  It takes a long time to go through all the papers one saves over years and decide what is important to keep and what just needs to go in the trash.  I know that I will not finish on this trip.  Maybe God wants me back here a few more times.  Please join me in prayer regarding this.

Also, I have been working on getting their receipts in order for tax preparation.  Rick told me that what I did last summer made doing his taxes so much easier.  There are so many little things we can do to help the full-time missionaries that we don’t generally think about. Not everything on the mission field is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and of God’s mighty love and holding discipleship classes.  All the everyday stuff still has to be done also.

OceanSide Christian Fellowship Church is now almost 11 weeks old and the attendance is running about 75 weekly.  Pastor Emory Goodman has started a discipleship program called Ministry Training School (MTS), which is open to all who desire to grown in their Christian walk and is required for those who are leaders in the church.  We have had 2 classes already and I so would like to be here to complete program.  It is so good!!

On Valentine’s Day, we held an outreach at the Playa Laguna Community Center.  We were expecting around 50 people and about 100 showed up.  We sang praises to the Lord God, Rick, Barbara, and Esther (Homero’s wife) shared God’s word to the people.  There were 3 ladies who responded to the Word of the God.  After that the children did some coloring and everyone received a Valentine gift and we all enjoyed Eric’s rice pudding as we Americans call it.  The building was full and some of us sat outside in the overflow/children’s area, which is a concrete floor only.  Rick hopes to add a roof this summer via one of his 8 scheduled mission teams.  This building has grown from a wooden shack to it’s present stage via mission teams in the last 2 years for which we give God praise.Playa Laguna Valentine Outreach 2-14-13Below:  The Redemption Village School and Feeding Program continues with approximately 45-50 children receiving lunch 3 days each week.  More days will be added as funds are available.  Let me know if you would like to help with this.

Redemption School Feeding Program  1-15-13 001 (2)

Below (L to R) is: Rick Sucher, Administrator; Homero, Logistics; Pastor Lucien, Spiritual Overseer, of the Redemption Village School and Feeding Program.  Pastor Lucien also pastors a church in Redemption Village.  Although most of the people can speak or understand at least some Spanish, Pastor Lucien preaches in Haitian Creole, so the people will not forget their native language and the children will learn their native language, in case they choose to return to Haiti. This is a very poor Haitian village.  You should plan to come, so you can see the needs and where you may be able to help these people.  Pray about this.

Redemption School Feeding Program Overseerss 1-15-13 001

Below is one of the teachers, Houlette Doyon.  The children are taught in their native Haitian Creole. Redemption  Teacher 1-15-13 003

Women’s Spiritual Encounter Retreat

Another pool viewOn Friday, 1/11, we had a group of 14 ladies from OceanSide Christian Fellowship leave for a weekend retreat (2 were our leaders).
I will not take the space to describe how beautiful and magnificent the location was, but will say that it was was grand. As you see from the picture, the pool area was beautiful. However, God gave us clouds, wind, and rain to keep us focused on Him and not on our surroundings.
We had our first session Friday night after dinner. Sat. was a full day with just meals and potty breaks. As the night drew to a close, it was topped off by one of the ladies desiring to be baptized, which was done around 11:00 p.m.
Sunday morning we packed and headed for church. Some of the ladies shared their testimonies of how God started working in their lives during our retreat. Church 1-13-13There were around 60 people in attendance, which was the largest attendance since the church was established a few weeks ago.  Pastor Emery brought us a great message on the “Triumphant Church.”   It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine.

Back to work

Today was my first day back in the office. Rick picked me up between 8-8:15 a.m. as he was to attend a men’s Bible study breakfast group, so I went along and had breakfast and waited him, so he would not have to drive back to pick me up. After a few other stops we were on our way to the office. There is a lot of detail paperwork that I need to get on, but it will really be next week before I get much done. Today was just getting thing in place and ready for me to proceed.
So far I have had 2 evening meals with the Sucher family and just enjoyed catch up time and playing with Mariflo. She is such a happy little tottler and has grown so much since I was here. She is also a talking trick.
Tomorrow a group of us ladies are leaving on a Spiritual Encounter Retreat, so I will be in touch next week. Hope to have some pictures to share.
God bless you all with grace, peace, and love.

Back in the Dominican Republic

Chritmas2012After 16 days of visiting family and friends in SC and VA for Christmas, I returned home with only a week to get ready for my trip back to Sosua in the Dominican Republic.
The last few days were really hectic trying to pack and remember everything that needed to be done before leaving the US for 2 months.
With only 30-45 minutes sleep, Clay, my step-son, got me to the airport in time for package checks, security, and 30 minutes to relax before boarding. I left Tampa at 7:00 a.m. for Miami where I had a 4 hour layover and then it was on to Puerto Plata where I was welcomed by my friends and co-worker in the Kingdom, Rick, Julia, and Lauren.
After a few stops, I arrived at my apartment and proceeded to unpack until I could stay up no longer. Praise the Lord for a wonderful night of good sleep.
Yesterday, Barbara Sucher (Rick’s wife) came home from the hospital, so I walked up to visit her for a while. Later Rick, Julia and I went to the dedication of the new and only pregnancy crisis center in this area. The Lord had laid it on the hearts of Melissa and Tony Luther who are also missionaries in this area. Melissa had shared this at our lady’s Bible study when I was here this past summer. What a privilege it was to be at the birth of this new ministry. Praise the Lord for the people He sent to help them remodel the place and for those who supported the work financially.
Today, I am going to a lady’s Bible study with a group from OceanSide Christian Fellowship that was just established a couple of months ago. There will be some ladies there that I know and a few that I don’t know.
Please continue to pray that the Lord will work through me to do His will.


Sorry it have been so long since I posted any type update.
It took me quite a while to readjust to being back home and you wouldn’t believe the amount of mail.
Since my return I started taking a Spanish class once again. So far it is going well.
I attended certification training for teaching English as a second language and have been teaching at my church.
Tomorrow I am leaving on a vacation, a 4 day cruise, which is my first cruise.
Look forward to it. I will be traveling with my friends, Roger & Kit Moretuzzo and Jo Shine. We are expecting to have a good time. Of course, I will take some Dramamine as I have a little problem with motion sickness from time to time. Hope to have a couple of pictures to share when I get back.

I attended a Holiday breakfast at my church this morning for our widows. Our deacons do this for the widows of our church and at the end they formed a circle around us and prayed for us. It was a very special time.

Guess that’s it for now.  Linda

“Rejoice in the Lord and again I say rejoice!”

Redemption Village – Construction projects done

The 2 basketball backboards were replaced.  You can see they are already enjoying this area once again.








The swing seats were replaced and the area underneath was filled in.

This whole play/open area was cleaned and the grass mowed.




The houses in the square of the church and school area were painted and the sidewalks, which were in bad condition were replaced.

Some of the kids enjoyed a ride on the burro.  Two additional windows were installed in the school building (the one with the writing).  This will help with better ventilation in the building.  Also, this building is used for the feeding program 3 days a week at present. The sidewalk is an additional one that goes from the church to the school building.

Above is most of the team on Thursday afternoon after all the construction was done.  I just can’t seem to get everyone in a large group photo.  They also managed to repaint the church.