2013 Wrap Up

Linda-Mother's Day 2013 (3)Well, I’m finally getting around to letting you know what’s been happening since my return from the Dominican Republic in March.
I will try to give you some bullets and some pictures.

  • Of course, 2 months of mail was waiting for me and I had to get all the New Way Missions accounting caught up.


  • The last week of March, I met Lauren Ferguson (more about Lauren later) in AL at New Hope Revival Church for Sunday service, then I stayed for Passover and special meeting the following weekend. My wonderful friend, Elfrieda, invited me to stay with her for the week.
  • In June, I went to VA.  During this time I took my oldest sister to her grandson’s wedding, attended my 50th H.S. class reunion, visited a dear friend, Barbara, who has been with me to Mexico, celebrated my grandson, Thomas’ college graduation and Ryan’s high school graduation, and visited with my family.  I was able to attend one service at Faith Landmarks Ministries where I use to attend when living in Richmond.  A friend of mine from hight school returned with me to FL and stayed for 1 1/2 weeks.  What a joy it was to have that time with her.
  • July brought a change with New Way Missions.  For the first time, we have a volunteer on the mission field as a long-term missionary.Lauren 7-2013



Lauren Ferguson returned to the D.R. is now living and ministering in the Sosua, Dominican Republic area. The Lord has given her a ministry called “Talita Cum ” .  She will be ministering to young girls.  She started in one village and it soon became 3 villages and 5 classes.  She has also been teaching 2 ESL (English as a 2nd. language) classes and working along side of Mike Williams “Cups of Cold Water”.  We are excited about what the Lord is and will do through this ministry.

  • In August, I attended a conference at Abba’s House in Chattanoga.  It was a great time of refreshing for me.  Made some new friends and learned that the congregation there also minister in the Dominican Republic.
  • In September, I participated in the Worship Expo 2013 at my church. Also joined our choir and began practicing for our presentation of Experience Christmas 2013.  Also, I had the privilege to once again host Drs. Francisco and Diane Sabado, who are missionaries in the Dominican Republic.  Sabado'sThis time they had 2 of their sons, Isaac & Luke with them.  It is alway a joy to have them here.

This picture is a few years old, so the boys are a little older now. (I think 14 & 12.)


  • In October, I had the privilege of hosting Ron & Debbie Stafford, who are missionaries in Columbia.  They were part of our yearly Global Outreach Celebration here at Bell Shoals Baptist Church.Ron & Debbie Stafford

They are a wonderful couple and we bonded right away.  Ron told me Columbia is calling me.  We will have to see if the Lord calls us there in the future.

  • The first week of December, my friend for many years now, Past Mary Materniak, came down for a week.  She and I have ministered together in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Peru.  It was a joy and privilege to have her here.  I also made my Christmas journey to VA to be with my family.

In addition to the above activities, there were ongoing activities, such as keeping in touch with missionaries, keeping the NWM & my personal accounting going and all the regular stuff that we all have to do.

Through our partners we were able to help several ministries financially, ship some needed supplies to a couple of ministries and provide some food to those in needed help.   Thank you all so much!!!  May God reward you. Amen.

“Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”  I Thes. 5:18



Sorry it have been so long since I posted any type update.
It took me quite a while to readjust to being back home and you wouldn’t believe the amount of mail.
Since my return I started taking a Spanish class once again. So far it is going well.
I attended certification training for teaching English as a second language and have been teaching at my church.
Tomorrow I am leaving on a vacation, a 4 day cruise, which is my first cruise.
Look forward to it. I will be traveling with my friends, Roger & Kit Moretuzzo and Jo Shine. We are expecting to have a good time. Of course, I will take some Dramamine as I have a little problem with motion sickness from time to time. Hope to have a couple of pictures to share when I get back.

I attended a Holiday breakfast at my church this morning for our widows. Our deacons do this for the widows of our church and at the end they formed a circle around us and prayed for us. It was a very special time.

Guess that’s it for now.  Linda

“Rejoice in the Lord and again I say rejoice!”

Redemption Village – Construction projects done

The 2 basketball backboards were replaced.  You can see they are already enjoying this area once again.








The swing seats were replaced and the area underneath was filled in.

This whole play/open area was cleaned and the grass mowed.




The houses in the square of the church and school area were painted and the sidewalks, which were in bad condition were replaced.

Some of the kids enjoyed a ride on the burro.  Two additional windows were installed in the school building (the one with the writing).  This will help with better ventilation in the building.  Also, this building is used for the feeding program 3 days a week at present. The sidewalk is an additional one that goes from the church to the school building.

Above is most of the team on Thursday afternoon after all the construction was done.  I just can’t seem to get everyone in a large group photo.  They also managed to repaint the church.

Activities from Redemption Village – July 22-27, 2012

Finally, I’m taking time to post more pictures from our last team, Grace Community Church from Maryland, at Redemption Village during the week of July 22-27.

Let’s start with Sunday morning service at Redemption Church.

Pictured here is Glenn giving his testimony.  Debbie also gave her testimony, but I don’t have a picture.




The group shared several songs in Spanish.



Miriam and Charis sang a special song.





Andy shared The Word.




The group held VBS in the mornings, Mon.-Fri. for the kids while the construction crew were working on several projects.

Here is Stacy helping some of the children with their craft activity.  Stacy also presented the Bible lesson each day.



Greg is helping his assigned group.  He and his brother, Glenn had to leave a day early because Glenn was going to be a counselor at summer camp.  Both were a blessing to the kids in Redemption Village and to the entire team.

Here is Carol and Debbie (on the back row) working with their group of kids.




In the afternoon, the team ladys held a Bible study for the ladys of The Redemption Church.



Barb and Janea explaining the lady’s craft activity for the day.

They made a boutique for themselves of flowers of their chose.



They really seemed to enjoy this.

They especially liked the time that our team ladys spent with them in the Word and in prayer.



On Friday morning, some of the team went door to door witnessing in the Playa Laguna area.   In the afternoon, some of the team went to Paradise Village and did a children’s outreach.

Will try to post the construction pictures tomorrow.

Playa Laguna Children’s Outreach late Sunday afternoon, July 22

Grace Community Church of Rockville, MD had a number of activities planned for the children, as well as, songs, a Bible story, an associate craft, Erica’s good rice pudding treat and a gift for each child.

There was face painting.




Some were coloring.





Some were blowing bubbles.







Some were playing soccer in the front road.  Sorry, I never captured the ball.

The lady in the black shirt is Peggy.  She has a heart to serve the Lord and has started helping Rick & Barbara with the team ministries and women’s ministry.  She also is the lady who found the apartment for me.

Now let’s go inside.  The building was decorated for the outreach.  Pastor Felix and his wife had music going as we worked on setting out the chairs and getting everything ready for singing, the Bible story, graft, and other activities.


Pastor Felix is really good with the children.  He was having so much fun.  Of course, the children were too, but I think he was having the most fun of all.

As I mentioned before, the building is a community center, but they also have church there.

There will be many types of Christian, fun activities held in the community center for the children, ladies, and entire families.

The team sung several songs with the children then Pastor Felix’s wife, presented the Bible story of Noah, the flood, and the ark.

After that the children made this rainbow with their hand prints.



Afterwards, we cleared an area and there was a little line dancing.  This is part of the team giving it a try.

Of course, the children did much better than the adults, except for Pastor Felix and his wife.  I even gave it a try.

There was also a little competition between the boys and girls.

After all the fun, everyone settled down and enjoyed some of Erica’s rice pudding.

After which each child received a gift of school supplies and a frezbe.



Below:  The team has cleaned up, packed up and ready to go back to the hotel for dinner and some rest.

Grace Community Team Arrived – Upcoming week & prayer request

Yesterday our mission team from Grace Community Church of Maryland arrived.  It will be a busy week to say the least. We will be working in a Haitian village called Redemption Village.


Today, the team went to the Redemption Church.  They sang 2 songs in Spanish, then Charis & Miriam shared a song in English.



Andy shared a message from the Word of God. Titus 2:11-15 and Matt. 20:1-16.


After the service and ready to leave our team got on the trucks for a quick stop at the market and then back to the hotel for lunch.  We have 2 trucks for the team transportation.

The plans for the week are:                              Morning VBS for the children,                      Afternoon Bible study for the women,                 The construction folks will be working outside on sidewalks, swing area, painting, cleaning the area, and installing an area for basketball.

There are also, 3 women’s Bible studies/outreaches and some activities for the    men if they so desire.  Will try to post some progress pictures during this week.  Please pray for all the aspects of the team’s ministry.

Later today, we will be going to Playa Laguna for a children’s outreach and service.  You can see some pictures of Playa Laguna below on another posting.  As you may remember our last team provided an addition to the building, painted, build some tables for the children, did some wiring, and provided security windows and doors.

The building at Playa Laguna is a center in which they do hold church services and other activities.  Just the past week Nesa Clark started some ESL classes.  They did a flower arrangement class one night for the ladies and it was a big success.  Also, they have started some music classes.  Below are some pictures of one of the music classes.













Please continue to pray for me as I have a little over 3 more weeks here. Have been here since May 8th and will be flying home on Aug. 14th.  The are a few more specific things that I hope to accomplish before leaving.

Pre-mission work begins at Redemption Village

Rick and I stopped by Redemption Village to see if any of the pre-mission work had begun.

The sand & gravel had been delivered.  The truck had to come through this pasture to get the delivery as close to the work location as possible.  It is still on the other side of a barbwire fence and must be moved via a wheelbarrow.


As we were walking in the truck came with a load of cement mix.  Rick is checking on the delivery.


This is a view of the Redemption Village Church taken just beyond the truck delivery.  To get to the church and into the village, one must park on the street and walk down a walkway about 100 ft. of so (I’m not good with distances without a measuring tape).  You can see a small pile of cement that has been mixed.  Can you imagine hauling all the sand, gravel and cement mix via wheelbarrow, then having to mix it by hand for all the sidewalk work.

The homes around the church area will get a smooth front (pre-mission work) and next week the team will paint them.  The sidewalks in the area are being repaired and/or replaced.  Plans are for the team to fix up the swing area, replacing the wooden seats with plastic seats as a number of children have gotten some head wounds.

They also plan to fix a basketball area.   Plan are to do a VBS at the church in the mornings for the children and to have a Bible study for the women in the afternoons.

Our team from Grace Community Church in Maryland will be arriving this coming Saturday and will be here for a week.

Look for some before and after photos and updates on the team’s activities and ministry.

Saturday Walk

On Saturday I took a walk through some of the neighborhood and took a few pictures to share with you.

This is just outside my apartment.  It was planted about 2 weeks before this picture and looked like it would die for a while.  It is quite beautiful now.


Do any of you know what type tree is in the pictures below?  They are all the same type tree and I have not seen them before.












What do you think of this tree trunk?




The tree in the above 4 pictures are in the yard of the house below, which is for sale if you are interested.










I also found some bananas growing in the wild.  See if you can find them in the picture.  You may have to zoom.

Even after the many years that sin has effected the earth, we can still enjoy how unique and beautiful the world that God created for his mankind.

Summitt Church Team

The Summitt Church team of Orlando arrived on June 16th.

The plan was for them to complete the addition to the Playa Laguna Center, which is being used mostly for a church at present.  The addition almost doubled the size of the building, included security doors & windows, provided tables & chairs for the children’s ministry, and included a concrete floor outside to be used for the children’s ministry and for an overflow area when needed.  The hopes are to have many future Christian activites at this center where the gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s love can be shared.

Here Dan & Chris are installing one of the 2 ceiling fans with lights.  The team did all the electrical wiring for the addition.  Plus improved the wiring in Eric’s home next door.  The center is built on Victor & Eric’s property.


The children created walk ways by placing the rocks around the trees creating a rock garden type landscape.  They also helped with the sanding & painting of the tables for the children’s ministry. 

The tables were painted red & blue.

The purchased children’s chairs are red & green, so it will be a very colorful area for the children.

Here the concrete floor for the children’s ministry & overflow area is being finished.  This was completed just a couple of days before the team arrived.



Here the area is set up as an overflow area for our celebration service on 6-22.

The large window area was planned with this in mind.



Celebration service the night of June 22.


Pastor Felix & his wife, Lisa are the shepherds at the church in Playa Laguna.  Lisa is leading a women’s Bible study on Tuesday night for the ladies in the area.



First, there was a prayer of thanksgiving and dedictation of the new addition and the building.

From the picture below you can see that an additional 5 ft. was added to the side with this addition.

Below: The building was full and some sat in the overflow area.

Rick gave a testimony (sorry I don’t have a good picture of him).

Left is Bobby singing.  He has a wonderful gift to sing and he can preach.  The place came alive as Bobby ministered in song.

Pastor Felix gave a message from the Word of God.  It was a wonderful night of praise to God for the work done and for His goodness.

In addition to working at Playa Laguna, the team visited a Haitian village called Redemption during the lunch feeding time, played with the kids, and presented a Bible story along with pictures for coloring.  They visited the Sunday morning church service at the Redemption Church and then on the New Life Church for the English service at 11:00 a.m.  They also had some time at the beach, so it wasn’t all work.

On Friday morning, we met the team at the hotel and had a time of sharing before loading for the airport. 

This was the morning I woke up with a sore throat and some pain/pressure in my ears, which turned into a week of dealing with a sinus infection.  It has taken a week of medicine, coughing, and blowing to get back to feeling fairly normal again.   Please keep me in your prayers that I will remain healthy for the duration of my stay here.  Plans are to return home on Aug. 14th.

Office Open

Yesterday, we saw the product of out work in the office take birth.  This picture is Rick enjoying his first day working at the office.  Although there is still some fine tuning to do, we can now use the front area of the building for Rick’s new office.  The ceiling fans, phone and internet were installed a few days ago and the wiring was done for the generator when needed, which is quite frequent as the area is without power each day for hours.

He met with some Pastor’s and had a Skype meeting with another.

This picture is of Rick, Pastor Felix and Pastor Nickolas at the end of their meeting.  Pastor Felix is pastoring the people at the Playa Laguna Church.  I just met Pastor Nickolas and just know that he has a church and helps Rick at times.

To the left is Homero in the sitting area of the office.  What a blessing he has been as he worked right along side of us almost everyday.  His wife, Esther, made the flower arrangement for our opening.  They live just up the street.  Homero also helps as a driver when we have teams.  So starting tomorrow he will be busy as our first team arrives since I arrived to help the Sucher’s.

Of course, Rick and I had to have a picture to celebrate this day and the progress we have made that will help him for months to come.  May God be glorified with the work done for His kingdom in this place.



My work space is on the left side of the office.  You can see that I did not bring my computer for this day’s work.  Actually, I arrived with others to pick up Rick and to go meet with a couple of people to see what they are doing, so we could decide if we wanted to help them in ministry.  When we returned, we were able to empty about 5 more boxes in the storage area and to discuss the upcoming team needs.  We made a list of needed materials for the team work beginning on Monday, so we could stop and purchase them at the lumber and paint store on the way home.  After several stops, then a meeting at Playa Laguna and picking up Rick’s van from the shop,  I finally arrived back to my apartment around 7:30 p.m.  Although I was tired, it was a great day!  It was a day the Lord made and we rejoiced in it.