Office Update

Rick and I worked at the new office location 3 days this past week. Here is a picture from the street. As you can see it is a storage unit that has a front window and door, so it will work just fine as an office.   On the right a wall is being installed to divide the office area from the storage area.  By the end of the week the wall was complete and we had begun the sorting and organizing of ministry supplies.

Friday, I did office work at my apartment in the morning, then walked down to the beach between 2 & 3 p.m.  The area right in front of our complex is covered with volcanic rocks.  As you can see from the picture the real beach area is a little walk away.  I didn’t make it to the beach area as the sand was too hot, however, I did enjoy the view and the breeze.   How about this volcanic rock cove.  White capped waves were coming in and spraying water on shore.

Saturday, the Sucher’s were busy with a wedding, so I did a little paperwork at home and in the afternoon went for a swim at the pool.   

It is quite hot & humid here, although the last 2 days there has been a wonderful breeze.  The swim was very refreshing.   We have been praising the Lord for those wonderful breezes.

Today, we went to New Life Church.  Afterwards Barbara, Jeanae, and I went out to lunch and then picked up a few groceries.

Please pray that God will help me adjust to my new surrounding, being without a car (which is really hard for me) and help me to be a real help to the Sucher’s in their ministry here in Sosua.






Update – My living quarters

Thought you might be interested in seeing where I’m living.
Have been busy settling in. The Sucher’s had to move and downsize. Rick and I have worked 2 afternoons at the new office area. The front will be used as an office and the back will be for storage.  We hope to have the office set up within 2 weeks.

Below are pictures of my living quarters: guess room, livingroom, the condo entrance, and my apartment entrance.  Above is the kitchen.

Christian Women In Action Conference

Diane and I drove from Santo Domingo to Puerta Plata on Thursday, May 10th. All went well except Diane took me to a place high on a mountain in Santiago and while coming through the mountains to Puerta Plata I got a little motion sick. After lying still for about 30 minutes, I was okay again.
The conference was great! The theme was “Becoming Vessels of Honor”. Although it ended up that I did not have a translator, I was surprised by how much I understooded. As for praise and worship, I can read with understanding enough Spanish to join in. Have included a few pictures. One is a little boy who at first was just taking it all in, but when the dancing started he joined in.

The scripture for today is: Prov. 16:3  “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”


Off to the Dominican Republic

Well, it’s not raining here in Florida today, but we sure need it.
My bags are packed and Lord willing, I will be off to the Dominican Republic tomorrow.

The plans are to spend a day with Francisco and Diane Sabado, then Diane and I will be off to Puerta Plata for the Women In Action Conference. After that I plan to join Rick and Barbara Sucher in ministry in the area of Sosua.

Hope to be able to post from time to time to keep you updated.

Please bare with me as I learn how to do this.
Thanks for all your support and prayers.