Office Open

Yesterday, we saw the product of out work in the office take birth.  This picture is Rick enjoying his first day working at the office.  Although there is still some fine tuning to do, we can now use the front area of the building for Rick’s new office.  The ceiling fans, phone and internet were installed a few days ago and the wiring was done for the generator when needed, which is quite frequent as the area is without power each day for hours.

He met with some Pastor’s and had a Skype meeting with another.

This picture is of Rick, Pastor Felix and Pastor Nickolas at the end of their meeting.  Pastor Felix is pastoring the people at the Playa Laguna Church.  I just met Pastor Nickolas and just know that he has a church and helps Rick at times.

To the left is Homero in the sitting area of the office.  What a blessing he has been as he worked right along side of us almost everyday.  His wife, Esther, made the flower arrangement for our opening.  They live just up the street.  Homero also helps as a driver when we have teams.  So starting tomorrow he will be busy as our first team arrives since I arrived to help the Sucher’s.

Of course, Rick and I had to have a picture to celebrate this day and the progress we have made that will help him for months to come.  May God be glorified with the work done for His kingdom in this place.



My work space is on the left side of the office.  You can see that I did not bring my computer for this day’s work.  Actually, I arrived with others to pick up Rick and to go meet with a couple of people to see what they are doing, so we could decide if we wanted to help them in ministry.  When we returned, we were able to empty about 5 more boxes in the storage area and to discuss the upcoming team needs.  We made a list of needed materials for the team work beginning on Monday, so we could stop and purchase them at the lumber and paint store on the way home.  After several stops, then a meeting at Playa Laguna and picking up Rick’s van from the shop,  I finally arrived back to my apartment around 7:30 p.m.  Although I was tired, it was a great day!  It was a day the Lord made and we rejoiced in it.

A week of mishaps

Last Saturday, I went to the Harvest Connection with Rick. This is a once a month meeting with missionaries in the area. There were 20-25 present. A local insurance agent spoke to the group about what to do should you have a vehicle accident. It was most informative and we all appreciated his instruction. Things a much different here than in the US.

Although it has been a week of problems with sickness & car problems, things are still moving forward.  Rick, Julia, and I went by Playa Laguna to check on the progress of the addition and when we left the van cut off right in the middle of the road.  (The addition will make this building almost 2 times it’s original size.   Picture above was taken about 2 weeks ago.)  Praise God some men came to help and God sent some friends by just at the right time who took Julia & I home.

Below are a couple of pictures showing the progress made this week.

Here the walls are going up.




Here the addition is almost ready for the roof to go on.

The plan was to have local construction men do the walls & roof.  The team arrives on Saturday and plan to do the electrical work, paint and finish it off.  They will be here only a few days, so it will be a busy time.  When finished it will sit 75-80 people.  It is presently being used for church on Sunday and for women’s Bible study on Tuesday night.  We hope to soon be able to do more evangelistic ministry in this area once the building is complete.  Will post a picture when it is complete.  Please pray that many will come to know Jesus Christ at this place.

Rick had to go for therapy on his neck 2 times this week.  His wife, Barbara, and youngest daughter, Jessie, had to go to the doctor on Wed.  We spent the afternoon at a hospital in Puerta Plata for them to see 2 different doctors.  Barbara is still having problems with what appears to be allergies and Jessie is feeling much better.

The progress at the office was put on hold for a few days as these problems took over our time.  However, the internet, phone line and at least one ceiling fan has been installed.  A sitting area is in place, so Rick can start having some meetings there.

Today, we all went to New Life Church and were encouraged by a message from John chapter 17.  After that we all went to the beach for a picnic and some family time.   There were a lot of folks surf sailing and others just enjoying the water with family and friends.  God blessed us with shade and a wonderful breeze.

Prayer request:

Please continue to pray for us as we continue with the work at the office.  Once this is done, we can focus more on ministry.

My role here is still not clear, so continue to pray regarding this.

Please pray for a complete restoration of health for Barbara and Jessie.