Sorry it have been so long since I posted any type update.
It took me quite a while to readjust to being back home and you wouldn’t believe the amount of mail.
Since my return I started taking a Spanish class once again. So far it is going well.
I attended certification training for teaching English as a second language and have been teaching at my church.
Tomorrow I am leaving on a vacation, a 4 day cruise, which is my first cruise.
Look forward to it. I will be traveling with my friends, Roger & Kit Moretuzzo and Jo Shine. We are expecting to have a good time. Of course, I will take some Dramamine as I have a little problem with motion sickness from time to time. Hope to have a couple of pictures to share when I get back.

I attended a Holiday breakfast at my church this morning for our widows. Our deacons do this for the widows of our church and at the end they formed a circle around us and prayed for us. It was a very special time.

Guess that’s it for now.  Linda

“Rejoice in the Lord and again I say rejoice!”