Update from Sosua


Well, I have 2 more weeks here.  Part of me wants to stay and part of me is ready to return home.  This has been a different type of trip for me as the Sucher’s have not hosted any mission teams during my stay.  I pray that my time here has been a time of encouragement and help to all the missionaries here that I know and those I have just met, as well as, a time of spiritual growth for me.

For almost 2 weeks now, I have had a rental car, which has been a great joy for me as it has given me freedom to go and come as needed and has help us with some transportation issues.  I plan to have it for another week.  It would be great to have a vehicle for the total stay, but the cost is just more than I can afford.

One of my goals for this trip was to continue the work on the Sucher’s filing system and cleaning out the file cabinet at the office.  I have made progress, but there is a ways to go.  It takes a long time to go through all the papers one saves over years and decide what is important to keep and what just needs to go in the trash.  I know that I will not finish on this trip.  Maybe God wants me back here a few more times.  Please join me in prayer regarding this.

Also, I have been working on getting their receipts in order for tax preparation.  Rick told me that what I did last summer made doing his taxes so much easier.  There are so many little things we can do to help the full-time missionaries that we don’t generally think about. Not everything on the mission field is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and of God’s mighty love and holding discipleship classes.  All the everyday stuff still has to be done also.

OceanSide Christian Fellowship Church is now almost 11 weeks old and the attendance is running about 75 weekly.  Pastor Emory Goodman has started a discipleship program called Ministry Training School (MTS), which is open to all who desire to grown in their Christian walk and is required for those who are leaders in the church.  We have had 2 classes already and I so would like to be here to complete program.  It is so good!!

On Valentine’s Day, we held an outreach at the Playa Laguna Community Center.  We were expecting around 50 people and about 100 showed up.  We sang praises to the Lord God, Rick, Barbara, and Esther (Homero’s wife) shared God’s word to the people.  There were 3 ladies who responded to the Word of the God.  After that the children did some coloring and everyone received a Valentine gift and we all enjoyed Eric’s rice pudding as we Americans call it.  The building was full and some of us sat outside in the overflow/children’s area, which is a concrete floor only.  Rick hopes to add a roof this summer via one of his 8 scheduled mission teams.  This building has grown from a wooden shack to it’s present stage via mission teams in the last 2 years for which we give God praise.Playa Laguna Valentine Outreach 2-14-13Below:  The Redemption Village School and Feeding Program continues with approximately 45-50 children receiving lunch 3 days each week.  More days will be added as funds are available.  Let me know if you would like to help with this.

Redemption School Feeding Program  1-15-13 001 (2)

Below (L to R) is: Rick Sucher, Administrator; Homero, Logistics; Pastor Lucien, Spiritual Overseer, of the Redemption Village School and Feeding Program.  Pastor Lucien also pastors a church in Redemption Village.  Although most of the people can speak or understand at least some Spanish, Pastor Lucien preaches in Haitian Creole, so the people will not forget their native language and the children will learn their native language, in case they choose to return to Haiti. This is a very poor Haitian village.  You should plan to come, so you can see the needs and where you may be able to help these people.  Pray about this.

Redemption School Feeding Program Overseerss 1-15-13 001

Below is one of the teachers, Houlette Doyon.  The children are taught in their native Haitian Creole. Redemption  Teacher 1-15-13 003