Christian Women In Action Conference

Diane and I drove from Santo Domingo to Puerta Plata on Thursday, May 10th. All went well except Diane took me to a place high on a mountain in Santiago and while coming through the mountains to Puerta Plata I got a little motion sick. After lying still for about 30 minutes, I was okay again.
The conference was great! The theme was “Becoming Vessels of Honor”. Although it ended up that I did not have a translator, I was surprised by how much I understooded. As for praise and worship, I can read with understanding enough Spanish to join in. Have included a few pictures. One is a little boy who at first was just taking it all in, but when the dancing started he joined in.

The scripture for today is: Prov. 16:3  “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”


2 thoughts on “Christian Women In Action Conference

  1. So glad you enjoyed the conference. I know your mission work will be blessed. My special prayers for you all as I leave tomorrow for the Holy Land Pilgrimage. Love, Joanne

  2. Linda,

    It is so nice to see you are settling in. I did not get to have a glass of wine last night, ended up doing laundry. I will have that glass for you tonight. I was alone at CS today, missed you.

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