Women’s Spiritual Encounter Retreat

Another pool viewOn Friday, 1/11, we had a group of 14 ladies from OceanSide Christian Fellowship leave for a weekend retreat (2 were our leaders).
I will not take the space to describe how beautiful and magnificent the location was, but will say that it was was grand. As you see from the picture, the pool area was beautiful. However, God gave us clouds, wind, and rain to keep us focused on Him and not on our surroundings.
We had our first session Friday night after dinner. Sat. was a full day with just meals and potty breaks. As the night drew to a close, it was topped off by one of the ladies desiring to be baptized, which was done around 11:00 p.m.
Sunday morning we packed and headed for church. Some of the ladies shared their testimonies of how God started working in their lives during our retreat. Church 1-13-13There were around 60 people in attendance, which was the largest attendance since the church was established a few weeks ago.  Pastor Emery brought us a great message on the “Triumphant Church.”   It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine.

3 thoughts on “Women’s Spiritual Encounter Retreat

  1. Sure looks beautiful. It would have been nice with good weather when you were not in class.
    We have wedding day # 2, which will be before wedding day #1. Such problems that create! Miss you a lot.

  2. Linda, you are doing such wonderful work. And are always such a blessing! Miss you & hope we can get together on your return to US. Love & prayers, Joanne

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