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Well, I’ve been back from the Dominican Republic for a few weeks now and have rested some and starting to get back into the flow of daily life.  As I have been attending church back here, I thought I would share some pictures from OceanSide Christian Fellowship that I attended while in the D.R.  You will see there is a big contrast.

First, meet Pastor Emory and Sister Vickie Goodman.  They have been in NC taking care of some loose end regarding the sale of their house and some things at the church here.  They are now back in the D.R. and ready to go ahead with the vision God has given them for the church.Pastor Emory & Vickie Goodman 2-8-13

Below are some pictures taken of the location of OceanSide Christian  Fellowship as you are walking the path leading up to church.   1) The pavilion you see at the top of the hill marks the spot. 2) Was the view I could see while sitting on the left side of the church just before service began.  3) The pavilion we used for pre-service prayer and fellowship after the service.  4) The pavilion used for the children’s ministry.   These pavilions are in a U-shape around the 2 pools.   Of course, this location requires that each Sunday some folks have to do set-up and then take-down after service.  God is blessing and growing this fellowship.

OSCF at top of hill


Additional 3-4-13 012 Additional 3-4-13 013 Additional 3-4-13 014

Of course, I have much to do at home, but sure miss all of my brothers and sisters in Christ in the D.R.

At the present, I am in Alabama visiting with my brothers and sisters in Christ at New Hope Revival Ministries. My friend and sister in Christ, Lauren Ferguson, met me here on Sunday for the 2 services before heading back home on Monday.
We will be having special services here Friday – Sunday with a guest speaker from Jerusalem.  I am looking forward to a time of refreshing.

If you think about me on Monday, please pray for my safe travel back home, which is a good 7 hour drive.

God bless you for your support and encouragement.   May God reward you.

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