Update – My living quarters

Thought you might be interested in seeing where I’m living.
Have been busy settling in. The Sucher’s had to move and downsize. Rick and I have worked 2 afternoons at the new office area. The front will be used as an office and the back will be for storage.  We hope to have the office set up within 2 weeks.

Below are pictures of my living quarters: guess room, livingroom, the condo entrance, and my apartment entrance.  Above is the kitchen.

4 thoughts on “Update – My living quarters

  1. Linda, looks great! Hope you are keeping the mosquitos at bay!!! Will hope to post my own travels on Facebook. Love and prayers, Joanne

  2. Linda,
    Long time no see, hear from…I’m so glad you’re still out there doing ministry! I’m still hanging around doing not much :)! Tell all my DR friends hello and give them all hugs for me. If you plan to come to VA, don’t forget to call me…would love to do lunch and catch up with all your doings!
    Much love,
    Mary Lou

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