New Way Missions
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Getting Started

What are the steps involved in getting your group from here to there? If your church has never done a short-term missions project, give yourself at least six months to gather your team and prepare them well. Here's a general list:

Call us. We'll give you details and send you more information about publicizing your project, screening your team, and registering for your project.

Send in your registration and deposit for your group. You're not "real" for New Way until we get these items!

New Way will send you a Team Preparation Manual so that you can begin training your team right away

You will obtain airfare reservations as soon as possible. We will help you if you don't have a travel agent; it's always good to shop

New Way will send you a Ministry Skills form so that you can tell us exactly what skills your team members have. We will use it to design your customized project

New Way will be available to you via phone or e-mail during regular business hours (EST; 9-5) Monday through Friday to answer any questions or concerns

New Way will send you appropriate curricula for whatever ministries you will perform during your project,e.g., VBS, health teaching

New Way will give you the details concerning travel and medical documents and immunizations necessary for your team's project destination. Team members are responsible for these costs.

New Way will assign a Project Leader for your project who will become your primary contact with us from now on

Your Project Leader will make final arrangements for lodging, transportation, ministry sites with our in-country contacts

Your Project Leader will leave 2/3 days before your project begins and will meet you at the airport when you arrive

Your Project Leader will be responsible for logistics and details during your project

New Way Missions' goal for all our projects is that we communicate with you and our in-country partners so well in advance that there are few glitches once the project begins

Your Project Leader will advise you during the project concerning cultural and ministry issues

Your Project Leader is IN CHARGE if safety issues or emergencies come up!

Your Project Leader will accompany you to the airport for your departure

New Way will seek your evaluation of the project's success and will follow up with you and your group shortly after you return home.