All-Female Firefighter Crew Makes History In Florida


Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue Station 65 was manned by a shift made up of all women for the first time in the history of the department, since it was founded in 1963.

Rescue lieutenants Krystyna Krakowski Heiser and Kelsey Krzywada, firefighter paramedic Julie Dudley, captain Monica Marzullo and driver engineer Sandi Ladewski of the Fire Rescue in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, posed in recent photos and are getting lots of love on social media.

“We made history!” Krakowski said in the Facebook post. “First time in our department we have have had an all female crew!!! It is beyond empowering to stand alongside these strong woman. Not only is it awesome to get to work with these badass ladies but it’s a special day.”

The group assembled for the pictures, snapped by Krakowski’s daughter, to promote their non-profit, Firefighters to the Rescue, and to celebrate their crew of all women.

“We’re breaking barriers,” said Krakowski. “It’s the first time we had in our department a female as a captain, a driver, a firefighter, rescue lieutenant and a medic,” she told their local NBC News outlet.